UpFrom: Unite a Team (in dev.)

Brand Story

UpFrom is a revolutionary social-focused product to unite people living in the same communities & provide mentoring for kids who have single-parent families or busy parents. It’s not like any other application on the App Store & perceives an important social goal.


Deliver the quality MVP within the time-frames to allow investors presentations & fundraising process.
Architecture the MVP in a way it’ll be easy to expand further when adding new functionalities & completing the app.
Provide a clear & defined structure for the product with multiple user flows & different entities within it.


The main challenge for the product was to scope out the MVP & sequential versions for the app. The client had many different ideas on the applications & our goal was to find out the best ones from them, figure out what are the most value-adding parts for the product within budget & timeline, architecture the code & set it up in a way it’ll be expandable for all of the functions and begin the development quickly within the time-frame & quality standards.

We thoroughly began the scoping out process with specification development. In fact, it all started with an in-person meeting in Philadelphia – we spent a full day with a client to make sure we’re on the same page, to scope out the initial version of the product & outline a direction we’ll be focusing on.

Once the full technical specification for the product was completed & approved by the client, we kicked off the development process. React Native was chosen as a development technology to establish cross-platform implementation, we were using Firebase as a backend for the MVP.


We’ve developed the first version within a tight time-frame & on a high-quality level. Client kicked off the presentations sessions & so far it all looks great – we’re tweaking initial specification a bit to address all the things that were changed during MVP (even with the most detailed specification in the world you can’t escape changes during the development process) & move forward in a direction of the full product completion and implementation.

Product Plans

The main plan is to polish the MVP & complete it to the final version of the product.

Additional fundraising & marketing will be kicked off upon the completion of the product & there’s lots of work to do after the app will be finished – it’s a social product so the more people would download it, the more communities start to use it as an integral part of their day-to-day lives, the more value it’ll give to its users – again, the plans for the application are really world-changing & it has a good chance to improve the way people live & perceive child-raising, education & mentoring nowadays.

Todd Smith

Founder & CEO @ UpFrom

“We appreciate your work. The app looks nice & pixel-perfect, exactly how we saw it. I’ve been through many development projects but never saw first builds so bugless. Great working with you”

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