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Brand Story

One Rover is an on-demand ridesharing service with a plan to improve the whole ridesharing industry as it is right now. The service offers better drivers & users’ benefits, delivery functionalities, great customer support & loyalty system.


Build a clean, fast & scalable ridesharing solution from scratch capable of competing with top players on the marketplace.


The main challenge was the outlining of the product from scratch – figuring out the most important functionalities, setting up the whole ridesharing system in a secure way with users’ financial data & on-demand real-time functionalities working correctly.

We kicked off the development process with technical specification development.
We’ve outlined every part of the service meant to build, target market, business & safety requirements, built low-fidelity mockups of future service.

React Native was chosen as a development language to have the same codebase for iOS & Android and increase the speed & easiness of future updates.

We’ve designed the service from scratch & built a full custom scalable backend with Sockets for on-demand ridesharing functionalities & payment integrated within it.


The application is ready & live on the App Store & Google Play, currently, the client is setting up marketing campaigns & we’re polishing the product before the full final launch of it.

Product Plans

Future product plans – expansion to new markets, kicking off full marketing campaign & changing the way ridesharing works currently making it more convenient & better for both riders & drivers, establishing delivery functionalities inside the service improving the on-demand taxi service at its core.

Kelvin Davis

Founder @ OneRover

“We had some issues from both ends – communication, dedication to the project, my personal time investment. However, we were able to solve them through constant communication & understanding underlying problems & now we’re on a good track – the app is published & we’re kicking off marketing campaign soon. Great developers & people to work with – they’re definitely capable of complex mobile solutions development. “

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