MUSL: Gay Dating & Social App

Brand Story

MUSL is a gay dating application for people to find new experiences, dating, or friends to chat. Functionalities of the app are revolutionary for the dating world since they’re providing an exceptionally better experience in communication, usage & confidentiality. With MUSL you can’t not afraid of being who you’re, connecting with people based on your current needs & be sure your personal information is safe & private.


The goal was to complete the existing service alongside with rewriting of the backend from scratch.
App also had some issues/things to add which we took care of.


The project came along as a pretty challenging one.
We had to rewrite the whole backend from scratch.
We had to complete the front-end of the application, connect it with the new backend, test out the whole thing & make sure everything is on point.
We also had to update the current front end code.
We had the old codebase from another development agency using not so popular development technologies & unfinished product.

A decision was made to rewrite the existing Kotlin backend using PHP & improve the current React Native code of the application. We’ve also built a separate admin panel for the service to establish smooth & clear management of the data inside the service.

We kicked off the development with APQR™ (Application Quality & Performance Report, interexy) – a full report on the current state of the product. During the report, we were able to figure out the weakest & strongest point of the current solution and outline the plan for future development.

We had many pitfalls & things to overcome during the development process but managed to complete the app with the new backend from scratch & publish it to the respective App Stores.


The application is live on the marketplace – we went through many things during the development & completion of the product, but finally, we have a new version of the app out there.

The backend is improved & rewritten, the front-end code was updated and connected successfully to a new backend – the app is more stable now & has a better performance & overall quality.

Product Plans

Future plans are well-defined & formed with a great ambition.
We’re planning to release an Android version soon & build several apps like this for different target audiences, including straight people, etc.

The product is revolutionary in changing the experience of dating & we hope each users’ base we’re targeting would appreciate a new high-quality solution designed & developed specifically for them.

Jason Kelley

CEO, Founder @ MUSL

“I always was looking at where does it intersect with the skill base of the team and the customer service, communication, project management. You can have a really really amazing team of talented developers and programmers but you’re going to end up spending a great deal of your time actually trying to self-manage them. Versus you have the opposite which is really good project management and really excellent communication but not so great development team. And what I’ve enjoyed working with interexy is the fact that I get both of those pieces together and that has been very satisfactory.”

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