Dispatch Wreckers (in dev.)

Brand Story

Dispatch Wreckers is Uber for the tow trucks industry. Automate your tow trucks business flow with the software – get a convenient, fast & easy to use admin panel to fire dispatch requests for truck drivers to operate on the cars, pick areas you’d like your tow trucks to move into by zip code & manage the whole thing using coordinator account. Install our app on your drivers’ devices to make sure their work time is optimized.


Build a white-label solution from scratch to disrupt and automate the current tow trucks industry.


Planning & building the whole product from scratch. That’s definitely not something simple & not the product you’d see on the marketplace on a day-to-day basis – the whole service meant for selling to existing B2B market which also is not very tech-savvy & educated on the topic.

We kicked off the whole process with technical specification document development – clearly outlining the goal of the product, the functions that the first version should have, look & feel of the admin panel, and flow of communication and performance between different users’ entities on the product.

PHP was chosen as a backend development language, the applications were built natively for both iOS & Android.

The service has huge usage & vast integration of Google Maps API to add an option for the admin panel coordinator (dispatcher) to work with different areas on the map & fire dispatch requests correctly.

Application is also working in the real time with the map on the admin panel showing all of the tow trucks & dispatch requests with notifications.


The service is built from scratch & being polished at the moment – we’re checking out the last parts of the product before the full launch.

We already have a line of business who’d like to enroll & buy a solution for themselves from the client end & committed to improving and working on the product in upcoming years.

Product Plans

Future plans are simple & clear – kick off the marketing campaign, sell to B2B tow truck providers in the area & iteratively work on product improvement.

The end goal is to sell the whole white-label solution.

Alex Marcotte

CEO @ Evertech LLC

“The product looks great. It needs several tweaks & change here and there but overall looks good – we’re definitely moving in the right direction, appreciate the work done so far.”

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