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How To Prepare A Good Pitch Deck

How to prepare a proper pitch deck? Check out this post!


How To Build Users’ Loyalty & Increase Retention Rate With Your Mobile Application

In a world where your opponents are just a click away, user loyalty is the state-of-the-art marketing gimmick. Today, users have instant access to a bountiful of information regarding your business. From what it appears, they are done trying to settle for mediocre. Users only want to stick with companies who leave no stones unturned to build commendable customer experience.


How to Work with Users Feedback During the Application Growth Stage?

Creating an application from scratch requires immense dedication and brainpower. You could have the best team of developers, helping you create an application. However, the only way to make sure your application grows and develops at an exponential rate is by getting the right feedback.


10 Tips on How To Pitch Your Startup To Investors

Pitching an idea to your clients can be very nerve-racking. This experience might take you back to your middle school days when you presented a project before your classmates.


A Day In The Life Of A Product Owner

Today, at every junction, digital products are making an appearance. From retailers, advertisers, and banks, to bloggers, universities, and startuppers, everyone has their own marvellous product. Behind all the razzle-dazzle, stands a commanding officer who backs his million-dollar masterpiece into a promising business! We designate that officer as a "product owner."


When To Hire A CTO For A Start-Up

Technology is an integral part of any business in this day and age. You cannot run your business without having a technologically sound base. Irrespective of the kind of corporation you plan on running, making sure that technology is implemented correctly is essential.


Mind-Blowing Mobile App Ideas During COVID-19

On the grounds of feeling spiritless during COVID-19, at some point, you must have arrived at, “I must start doing something meaningful that keeps me on the move and fetches me good money!”


Building An MVP: A Revolutionary Strategy For Your Business Model

Before embarking on your journey into the realm of a mobile app or product development, MVP is a phrase that you must accustom yourself with.


QA & BugFixing – Step IV of interexy Development Process

Step by step we're moving to the ending of the description of our work process - and we are already at step 4!


Mobile Application Development Best Practices + Specific interexy Process – Step III

We've already spoken about the first two steps of the AMS development process - Step I (Specification & Estimation) and Step II (Design Development).


Mobile UI/UX Best Practices + interexy Specific Design Process (Step II)

Let's talk about User Interface and User Experience in connection to mobile application design & development. It's not a mystery good & on point UX is 70% of the success of a mobile product.


Remote Team Productivity Metrics Comparing to Inhouse Team [First 2 Weeks Data]

So how remote work is affecting our business & what kind of data we're getting so far?


Top Niches To Build Mobile Products In [2020 Overview] [Based on Real Data from our Clients]

2020 kicked off in a very interesting way, with all this situation going on there are certain types of businesses who are taking huge losses & are forced to close and the other ones who have their revenues bumping through the roofs and expanding aggressively at the moment to take a recently vacated share of the market.


How Corona is Affecting our Business

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